DMFA Radio Project

Last update: 03/10/2009

Last test clip: 01/04/2009 : DMFA 986,987,989

Last full recording: 03/10/2009 : DMFA - Return of Dark Pegasus pt1 (complete, full-length episode)

The idea of the DMFA Radio Project is to record audio soundtracks for Amber Williams' DMFA webcomic, in the style of late 70's BBC Radio.
Notable examples of this include 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', and the BBC's superb adaptation of 'Lord of the Rings'. Unlike those productions, however, DMFA is being done by the fan community, with absolutely no budget whatsoever.

Full Releases

Daniel Ti'Fiona - Warrior For Hire (2006)

Daniel Ti'Fiona is summoned by an old ally to save the Kingdom of Hollyann from his nemesis

Release date: 2nd July 2006 (first anniversary of the project) - (Reissued 29/10/2006 with minor fixes)
Total length: 22:30
File size: 27'227'536 bytes (26MB)
Download link: here

The corresponding comic strips can be found here: DMFA #116

DMFA - Recipe for Disasters (2007)

Dan's life is changed forever after Merlitz' girlfriend decides that he must die.

Release date: 5th October 2007 (late)
Total length: 24:10
File size: 30'412'815 bytes (30MB)
Download links: from the main site, from, from

The corresponding comic strips can be found here: DMFA #274

DMFA - Return of Dark Pegasus pt1 (2009)

Dan's quest to find out about his mother's past recalls his own.

Release date: 3rd October 2009 (late)
Total length: 30:10
File size: 36'421'440 bytes (36MB)
Download links: from the main site, from

The corresponding comic strips can be found here: DMFA #858

Work-in-progress files

FileTitleSizeRecording DateStrip numbers
dp_986.wav.mp3DMFA 986,987+989 (fake Regina)628k01/04/2009986-989
dp_984-985.wav.mp3DMFA 984-985 (full cast)525k24/03/2009984-985
dp_976.wav.mp3DMFA 976-983 (fake Lorenda, w/score)1.61MB18/03/2009976-983
dp_973b2.wav.mp3DMFA 972-974 (alternate mix)1.32MB21/02/2009972-974
dp_973a.wav.mp3DMFA 972-974 (fake Dan, Regina - w/full score)1.32MB21/02/2009972-974
dp_965-v2.wav.mp3DMFA 965-973 (fake Dan, Regina, Fi)3.61MB19/02/2009965-973
dp951.wav.mp3DMFA 951-959 (fake Alexsi, Jairus as Abel)2.74MB21/01/2009951-959
dp_874a.wav.mp3DMFA 874-875669k14/12/2008874-875
dp900-b.wav.mp3DMFA 898-905 (with real Dan)3.44MB23/11/2008898-905
dp941.wav.mp3DMFA 941-945 (with fake Dan and Lorenda)1.77MB21/10/2008941-945
dmfa_865.wav.mp3DMFA 865-873 (with fake Dee)2.07MB01/10/2008865-873
dp882.wav.mp3DMFA 882-887 (with fake Anna)1.67MB18/09/2008882-887
dp905.wav.mp3DMFA 905-911 (with fake Dan and Anna)1.42MB03/09/2008905-911
dp900.wav.mp3DMFA 898-905 (with fake Dan, Aliyka and Fi)2.63MB28/08/2008898-905
dp916-v3a.wav.mp3DMFA 916-928 (with fake Dan)4.24MB08/08/2008916-928
dmfa_697b.wav.mp3DMFA #697 - Fi and 'Merbel', now with a proper Fi735k13/07/2008697-698
albanion_jyrras3a.wav.mp3Albanion final test (w/Tezkat)916k11/06/2008805
dmfa_811.wav.mp3DMFA 811623k04/06/2008811
dmfa_805_3.wav.mp3Albanion test 31.15M14/05/2008805
lightlunch.wav.mp3Light Lunch pt11.79M01/05/2008756-761
queenmab3-1.wav.mp3DMFA 788-792679k16/04/2008788-792
dmfa_752.wav.mp3DMFA 752-755 - with substitute Dan868k27/03/2008752-755
danjy_2.wav.mp3DMFA 743-751 - with substitute Dan3.43MB19/03/2008743-751
dmfa_736.wav.mp3DMFA 736-738819k12/03/2008736-738
dmfa_663.wav.mp3DMFA 663-666B (including 'backwards')1.90MB12/03/2008663-666
dmfa_663.wav.mp3DMFA 663-666 (including 'backwards')1.86MB05/03/2008663-666
church_p8.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part8 (no Dan)954k20/02/2008720-723
church_p7.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part7657k13/02/2008731-733
church_p6-fr.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part6 - Fragmaster1.20Mk06/02/2008712-718
church_p6-po.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part6 - Poofyspikes1.29M06/02/2008712-718
church_p5.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part5570k30/01/2008700-704
church_p4.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part41.93MB26/01/2008705-711
church692.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - 692-693413k17/01/2008692-693
church_p3_1.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - part3493k09/01/2008695-696
church-t2.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - test22.00MB05/12/2007676-687
church-t1.wav.mp3Get Me To Church - test1 (w/Kobayashi)797k26/11/2007676-681
dmfa_317.wav.mp3DMFA #317345k29/9/2007317
dmfa_805.wav.mp3DMFA #805 - Albanion tortures Jyrras (experimental)1.00MB20/8/2007804-805
disasters6.wav.mp3Disasters 6(#312-315)1.00MB12/06/2007312
dmfa_424g.wav.mp3Plan B (#424-426)1.11MB16/05/2007424
abel41.wav.mp3Abel's Story 41 (Initial test for Abel, Xander and Devin - uncensored)694k09/05/200741-50
abel71.wav.mp3Abel's Story 71 (JPM, Sienna MT and Catherine)2.50MB14/04/200771-79
abel71_pre1.wav.mp3Abel's Story 71 (JPM and Catherine)1.58MB09/04/200771-77
disasters5.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters Pt3 V1 (WIP)2.22MB19/03/2007301-308
disasters2_1.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters Pt2 V1 (WIP)1.22MB29/01/2007294-302
saia3b3.wav.mp3SAIA arc Pt3 - lost lake1.28MB21/01/2007519-523
disaster4.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters, V4 (WIP)4.27MB07/01/2007274-293
saia_496-2.wav.mp3DMFA #496 - Dan's kidnap 1.79MB19/11/2006496
dmfa_165.wav.mp3DMFA #165 - missing from the end of 'Warrior For Hire'508k29/10/2006165
saia1_1.wav.mp3SAIA arc Pt12.16MB18/09/2006484-494
dmfa_482.wav.mp3DMFA #482780k16/09/2006482-483
saia4c.mp3SAIA arc Pt4 C1.49MB04/09/2006538-542
saia4b_pre1.wav.mp3SAIA arc Pt4 C233k28/08/2006543-544
saia4a.mp3SAIA arc Pt41.78MB22/08/2006530-536
saia3_2.mp3SAIA arc Pt3 (take 2)3.04MB06/08/2006518-529
trapped_in_saia2.mp3Trapped in SAIA (take 2)1.98MB08/07/2006503.2-512
Abel15-18.wav.mp3Abel's Story 15-181.64MB28/05/2006Abel's Story #15
DvP_end_pre2.wav.mp3Dan vs Pegasus (end - test2)4.45MB21/05/2006158-164
609demo3.wav.mp3DMFA 609886k17/05/2006609
H_ann2_v3.wav.mp3In the kingdom of HollyAnn (V3, WIP)2.80MB07/05/2006127-138
H_ann1_4.wav.mp3Daniel Ti'Fiona - Warrior for Hire (V4, WIP)2.33MB30/04/2006116-125
discord2.wav.mp3'project discord'5.47MB05/03/2006322-347
merl_266b.wav.mp3Merlitz' Dream351KB04/02/2006266
catsong2.wav.mp3Cat Song (with James)319k21/1/2006255
merlitz_tale5.wav.mp3Merlitz' Tale V5.03.22MB14/1/200651-61
dmfa_424e.wav.mp3Plan B (#424-426)944KB09/12/2005424
horrible.wav.mp3Weasel meat (not for the faint-hearted)1.3MB29/11/2005263
aaryanna5.wav.mp3Aaryanna Arc V5.0 (almost complete)
now featuring Miaka as Wildy
dmfa_084.wav.mp3Merl and Alexsi (short)
from the Twink arc
warp_aci.wav.mp3Warp Aci (#420-423, needs Mab + Pip)1.38MB02/10/2005420-423
dmfa_187.wav.mp3A Christmas Carol317k25/09/2005209-230
H_ann3_1pdm.wav.mp3The Forbidden Lands (v1, WIP)
Featuring Pete The Dragon
dmfa_269.wav.mp3Wildy vs Jyrras (#269-270)
No, the BBC wouldn't have been allowed to say that
H_ann3_1eccles.wav.mp3The Forbidden Lands (v1, WIP)
Featuring Eccles The Dragon
H_ann3_1caswin.wav.mp3The Forbidden Lands (v1, WIP)
Featuring Caswin The Dragon
dmfa_476.wav.mp3Azlan's slave costume (short)155k15/08/2005476
DvP2_9.wav.mp3Dan Versus Pegasus (V2.9)2.4MB11/08/2005148-157
nightclub4.wav.mp3The Nightclub arc (version 4)2.1MB06/07/2005195-206
Obsolete versions
dp916b.wav.mp3DMFA 916-925 (with fake Dan and Hannah)3.47MB23/07/2008916-925
dp916.wav.mp3DMFA 916-917566k18/06/2008916-917
dmfa_697.wav.mp3DMFA #697 - Fi and 'Merbel'445k17/12/2006697-698
disaster3a.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters, V3a (WIP)4.27MB02/04/2006274-293
trapped_in_saia.wav.mp3Trapped in SAIA1.98MB11/06/2006503.2-512
H_ann2_v1.wav.mp3In the Kingdom of HollyAnn (v1.1, WIP)2.1MB10/09/2005127-139
H_ann1_3.wav.mp3Daniel Ti'Fiona - Warrior for Hire (V3, WIP)1.8MB25/08/2005116-125
disaster2.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters, V2 (WIP)2.04MB19/03/2006274-282
dmfa_disaster_v1.wav.mp3Recipe for Disasters, V1 (WIP)2.5MB29/10/2005277-293
discord.wav.mp3'project discord'5.53MB11/02/2006322-347
merl_266.wav.mp3Merlitz' Dream (now with Aaryanna)553KB31/08/2005266
catsong.wav.mp3Cat Song (without James)340k19/1/2006255
dmfa_424c.wav.mp3Plan B (#424-426)
featuring JPM as Jouster
aaryanna4.wav.mp3Aaryanna Arc V4.0 (work in progress)
featuring JPM standing in for Wildy.. ick
aaryana3.wav.mp3Aaryanna Arc V3.3 (work in progress)4.3MB15/09/2005209-230
dmfa_424a.wav.mp3#424 (WIP)232KB20/10/2005424
dmfa_270.wav.mp3It's All in Good Fun (short)196k25/08/2005270
H_ann1_2.wav.mp3Daniel Ti'Fiona - Warrior for Hire (V2)1.9MB24/08/2005116-125
H_ann2_test1.oggIn the Kingdom of HollyAnn (test)
hi-band ogg version
DvP2.wav.mp3Dan Versus Pegasus (V2.11)2.3MB03/08/2005148-157
merlitz_tale.wav.mp3Merlitz' Tale (V2, JPM)1.6MB28/07/200551-61
DvP.wav.mp3Dan Versus Pegasus2.7MB17/07/2005148-157
aaryana.wav.mp3Aaryanna Arc (old version)2.7MB11/07/2005209-230
nightclub2.wav.mp3Nightclub arc (old version)1.9MB03/07/2005195-206
Experiments etc.
392f.wav.mp3Dan's Soliloquy (Featuring JSR)495k (mp3 file)10/09/2005392
cubi_fight.mp3Dan Vs Aary fight music (for Amber's Birthday)
Recorded AAD
2.4MB (mp3 file)18/08/2005292
392e.wav.mp3Dan's Soliloquy (Featuring JSR)484k (mp3 file)27/07/2005392
392b.oggDan's Soliloquy (studio)690k (Ogg file)24/07/2005392
392a.wav.mp3Dan's Soliloquy (live with overdubs)965k (mp3 file)24/07/2005392


AaryannaSeraline (previously Tigress Moon in the Aary arc, and Aaryanna herself in Recipe for Disasters)
Abel D. RewanzKhazan / InsaneKaos
Alexsi Ti'FionaTara R.
AliykaMarin Vampwing
AmberJennifer Vincent
Daniel Ti'FionaJames StarRunner
Dark PegasusJ.P. Morris (because the villain always has to be English)
Fa'LinaBlade Wyng
Jyrras GiannaTezkat
Kria SoulstealerAllyxa
Lorenda SoulstealerHilary
Merlitz MeshaikoJ.P. Morris
Miss MabCatherine Willington
PyroduckJack McSlay
Wildy SanMiaka


Twink arc
Corlis the dragonPoofyspikes
Merlitz' Tale
Dice James StarRunner
Genesis 4Cheyenne F.
The humanTezkat
Warrior for Hire
Felorin the CreatorSlipdance
KannikahCheyenne F.
Red DragonJ.P. Morris
Queen HollyannHillary
ShamanJ.P. Morris
Sunny ChibaAs herself
Gay dude in barTezKat
Jock in barTezKat
Rancid the zombieJames StarRunner
Girl scoutsStarRunner sisters
SistersMarin Vampwing, Hilary, Wildwind
Moira GiannaAisha DeCabre
Seth GiannaMar Sera
HippieJ. P. Morris
Additional Jyrras soundsJ. P. Morris
Warp Aci
FiMarin Vampwing
Abel and Fa'Lina
JousterAs himself
Card-playing Warp AciSeraline
FuMarin Vampwing
Professor InkTezkat
MythosJPM (stand in)
NirfyJPM (stand in)
RJAs herself
Abel's Story
Baby AbelMarin Vampwing
Kid AbelHilary's sister
Cid RewanzShadrok
May RewanzCatherine Willington

Guest starring Miaka's Dad as Jyrras Gianna (Nightclub arc) and the StarRunner sisters as Mab singing and Queen Hollyann (DvP)
Additional voices by James StarRunner and J.P. Morris.

Music and Radiophonic sound by J.P. Morris, with additional sound effects by James StarRunner.
Produced and engineered by J.P. Morris using Audacity and various other things

See also: James StarRunner's DMFA Radio page

And: The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona, a neo-prog rock interpretation of the Dark Pegasus story, with a large helping of Hawkwind. This is now available on my second album, Songs for the Wild-At-Heart

The Unholy Radio Project by Gabriel's Thoughts

DMFA and all (or most of) its characters are copyright (C) 2000-2007 Amber Williams
This work should be considered DMFA fan-art.
Those of you who have no clue what any of this is about should go here and be enlightened.

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